Obesity & Overweight Pets

Obesity means seriously overweight. It almost always results from a combination of too much food and too little exercise. Breed characteristics, temperament and hormone imbalances may also influence body weight.

Overweight pets generally have more physical sickness and a shorter life span than those of lean or average weight. Excess weight places strain on vital internal organs like the lungs, heart and liver. It also makes surgery or anesthesia more hazardous. Even breathing and walking are often difficult for seriously overweight pets.

Heavy patients can lose weight by receiving a balanced, lower calorie diet with adequate vitamins and minerals and an increase in exercise. Portion control is imperative to successful weight loss.

Have your pet examined by your veterinarian to check on the weight of your pet and if it is affecting any other areas of your pet’s body that also need medical attention. In some cases, blood tests determine a health issue or hormonal imbalance is adding to the problem.

Gradual weight loss is safest. Special diets and weight control strategies are available. Work with your veterinarian on:

• diet

• portions to feed at each meal

• total amount to feed daily

• treats that work with the diet

• exercise plan

• target weight loss

Your veterinarian can recommend what is safe for your individual pet.

Most veterinary hospitals have a scale in the lobby area for an easy check on how your pet is doing if weighing your pet at home is not possible.

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